Friday, March 6, 2009

Believe Essential Oil

Believe is a blend of therapeutic-grade essential oils that helps release
the unlimited potential everyone possesses, making it possible to experience
health, happiness and vitality more fully.

Body system(s) supported are Nervous, Muscle and Bone (Structural),
Emotional and Immune.

Benefits are - Has antiseptic properties, helps to stimulate the mind and
calm the spirit, helps in overcoming stress and despair and is nourishing
and supportive to the skin.

Ingredients - Idaho Balsam Fir Oil has antiseptic properties and aids in the
relief of sore muscles and body aches due to exercise. Rosewood Oil is
soothing to the skin. Frankincense Oil supports normal immune system
function and is known to be elevating to the mind.

How to Use - Diffuse or apply topically.

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