Friday, April 4, 2008

Shocking news about the latest combo vaccine

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Shocking news about the latest combo vaccine

Dear Friend,

For years, I've been sounding the warning about the potential dangers of vaccines. I've told you that their effectiveness is questionable, and their side effects unknown. And I'm sad to say that my warnings have finally come to pass. Recently, a Merck & Co. vaccine caused some children to suffer from fever-related convulsions.

The vaccine is called ProQuad, and it's a combination of the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) and chickenpox vaccines. It turns out that the toddlers who were given ProQuad – ages 12 to 23 months – had twice as many seizures as the kids who received the chickenpox vaccine and the MMR vaccine separately.

Incredibly, the results actually caused a federal advisory panel on vaccines to step back from recommending ProQuad over the individual vaccines. This marks a rare – if tepid – step down from the usual government endorsement of all things inoculation-related.

It's no wonder these kids are experiencing adverse reactions. The amount of chickenpox antigen found in ProQuad is – are you ready for this? – FIVE TIMES higher than in the stand-alone chickenpox vaccine. So not only does ProQuad have measles, mumps and rubella – it's also the equivalent of five chickenpox shots. All in one shot. For children.

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