Friday, June 12, 2009

Every Day Oils Collection

• Frankincense: sweet, calming, warm balsamic aroma, ease stress and despair, deepen one’s spiritual connection and centering, support immune system, help in repair sun damage and renew healthy looking skin.
• Lavender: relaxing benefits, calming, aid with sleep, soothe sunburn, ease stomach discomforts and soothe minor skin irritations and itching, soothing and relaxing foot bath, bath, scent linens, scent laundry in the dryer, diffuse to minimize allergies to dust mites and pollen, add a drop to vanilla ice cream for a delicious dessert, beauty recipes, and much more! Learn more about the Young Living Lavender Farm and Harvest.
• Lemon: a clean, refreshing and purifying scent that uplifts, aids immune function, a powerful antioxidant, substitute for lemon juice in recipes, add a drop or two to flavor your glass of water or cup of tea, cleanse and sanitize surfaces, balances oily skin, preserves fresh produce, a drop in dishwasher prevents spotting, improves circulation, removes stains and adhesives, and much more!
• Peppermint: highly regarded for soothing digestive issues, improves concentration and mental activity, uplifts mood, eases headache pain, soothing and invigorating in body/neck/foot massage, in foot bath, a drop flavors water or tea, eases congestion, in cooking a drop adds a delightful minty flavor, and much more!
• PanAway: ease aches and pains, helps improve circulation, ease cramps and bloating. (For topical use only)
• Peace & Calming: a fragrant blend to help calm tensions and uplift spirits, aids in a good nights sleep, helps alleviate stress and anxiety. (For topical and diffusing use only)
• Purification: formulated for diffusing to clean and sanitize the air, reducing mold/mildew, disagreeable odors, topically to cleanse and soothe bites/cuts/scrapes, insect repellent, help get rid of bed bugs, air freshener, a drop sanitizes hands. (For topical and diffusing use only)
• Thieves: highly effective against airborne bacteria when diffused, eliminates odors (does not cover them up!), rub on feet for immune support, mold, mildew, cleansing wounds (yes, it will sting a little), insect bites/stings, air freshener, laundry freshener, and much more!
• Valor: comforting and balancing (spiritually and physically), on bottom of feet to help balance body systems, ease anxiety, ward off negative energy, release tension, inhale for stage fright or phobias. (For topical and diffusing use only)

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